NDIS Support Coordination

NDIS Support Coordination

Caura Support Coordinators help you plan for the future.

What is Support Coordination?

NDIS Support Coordination Sydney is allocated for purpose of receiving additional assistance in helping you navigate your plan and selecting the right services providers for you in accordance to your NDIS goals.

Your NDIS plan may include one of the three following funding categories:

  • Support connection, coordination of supports, and specialist support
  • coordination. This is located under Capacity Building in your NDIS plan.

Support Coordinators can assist you with the following:

  • Find mainstream and/ or other disability services.
  • Connect you to other providers such as;
    government departments, accommodation services, and employers.
  • Help budget your funds to get the most out of your plan.
  • Prepare for your NDIS plan review.
  • Understand your NDIS plan.
NDIS Support Coordination Sydney

Can my Support Coordinator meet me face to face?

Absolutely, this give us a chance to put a name to a face! Caura love’s meeting their clients and potential client’s develop more personalised supports. At Caura we listen, and work with you to find solutions to the daily challenges we face and we tackle them down together!

Can my Support Coordinator speak to the providers on my behalf?

That is why we’re here! We will assist where ever we can to help make the process as smooth as possible. However, some agencies require us to fill out an “Authority to act on your behalf, or an Authority to exchange information form” before they disclose your personal details to us. As long as we have your consent to do so, this consent is required to be documented for your own personal protection. Consent Form

How do i join?

You can contact on of Caura’s on 1300 70 66 12 or email us at enquires@caura.org.au

I have a preference for a female support coordinator ,can Caura assist?

Caura will try its best to meet your criteria, but if we can’t we will let you know!

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