Smash Room Experience – Sydney

Smash Room Experience – Sydney


Experience what it’s like to fly an FA-18 military jet using the latest VR technology
Spectacular high definition 360 degree visuals
Choose from incredible flight locations such as the Grand Canyon, Swiss Alps and New York City

Pop on a VR headset and choose from the mountains of Switzerland, the dense city of New York or anywhere down the US West Coast, and prepare to experience flight from a whole new perspective. Learn to takeoff, climb, turn and even perform military manoeuvres under the guidance of a commercial pilot.
What’s Included?

15 minute VR jet fighter experience
Briefing and instruction from a commercial pilot

Get strapped into an ejection seat and choose from epic locations around the United States and Europe to launch your FA-18 military jet. This immersive flight experience kicks off with a five minute briefing on the controls before popping on your VR headset and entering the virtual world. Your instructor will guide you through the takeoff procedure and get you acquainted with the basics of flight before you’re free to challenge yourself with more complex manoeuvres such as turning, climbing and performing loops and barrel-rolls. Fly under the Golden Gate Bridge, zip through the Grand Canyon or duck and weave through the Swiss Alps at supersonic speeds – the choice is yours!
Session Length

Please allow 20 minutes for the whole experience including a briefing.




Mon : 9.00am to 9.00pm
Sat : 9.00am to 5.00pm


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