Individualised Living Options (ILO)

What is Individualised Living Options (ILO)?

NDIS has introduced a new support – Individualized Living Options (ILO). ILO is an NDIS support that helps people with a disability live in a home of their choice with support. You can choose how you want to live, and who you live with. ILO doesn’t provide the accomodation, but rather flexible drop in support packages specifically tailored to your needs. An apartment on your own in the city with drop-in supports? A house with friends and shared supports? There are plenty of options, the choice is yours!

Who can i live with?

With ILO you have complete control of who you choose to live with. You can share a home with housemates, friends, on your own or with a host family. Here are some of the options available:

Benefits of ILO

Community inclusion – live in any house of your choosing.

Flexible, multi-options – have a range of options to meet your requirements.

Flexibility around where you live – choose where your new home is located.

Relationships – developing strong and meaningful relationships.

Person-centred – built on your strengths and meet your requirements.

Proven outcomes – implemented for many clients and is proven a positive success.

How it works– Research, develop and design.

Package Options

Live alone

You can choose to live alone with a package of supports such as drop-in support and on-call supports combined.


A person providing support can live with you in your home. They may receive a payment or subsidised rent.

Host arrangement

You can live with a host family who provides support in a family environment. Some of the costs may be covered by your NDIS Plan.

Living together

Live with a friend, family member, or partner. If they also have an NDIS plan you can’t opt to share supports.

Does Caura provide ILO Services?

Yes! Cauras ILO service, work with you, your family, friends and health care professionals to understand what home and living supports is right for you! Together we will design an exclusive plan, using both paid and unpaid supports, to create you the best possible home.

How does it work?

Once you have indicated that you’re interested in the IOL services we will start with the research, develop and design faze. This is broken in to three separate stages.

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