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Community Participation

Community and Social Activities

Caura is an acclaimed NDIS service provider in Sydney, dedicated to making NDIS social and community participation accessible and affordable for its participants. Our team of well-versed and experienced professionals will assist you to engage in NDIS community participation activities and NDIS social activities of your choice that will infuse your heart and soul with immense happiness.

At Caura, we will support you to learn, grasp new skill sets, and develop a strong bond with your community with the help of our exhilarating NDIS social and community activities.

What does NDIS Social & Community Participation mean?

Assistance with social and community participation is a sponsored support that one can find in their NDIS plan, which falls under core supports. The beneficiaries of the NDIS can utilize this funding to enhance their ability to participate in social community and civic participation activities. There are abundant activities there for the participants that they can take part in & enhance their overall personalities.

NDIS social and community participation activities support and offer numerous advantages, such as the opportunity to be closely associated with your community, be fervently energetic, build relationships, socialize with your friends and family, and offer much more.


Start a new hobby, meet friends and connect with your community by getting involved in:

  • BBQs and picnics
  • Two to three night holidays
  • Centre based activities – for those that want to socialise and learn skills in the comfort of Caura spaces
  • Visits to parks, cinemas and clubs
  • Bowling
  • Visiting farms to see and touch animals
  • Social gatherings and events including discos, dinners and special events
  • Beach walks, sailing and fishing
  • Crafting and creativity
  • Life skills, including cooking, shopping and budgeting, and learning how to travel in your neighbourhood and beyond
  • Weekend activities, including day trips, theatre shows, harbour cruises

How does funding work in NDIS Social and Community Participation?

The beneficiaries of the NDIS do not need any special funding to avail assistance with social and community participation; with the basic budget encompassed in your plan, one can easily acquire NDIS social and community participation.

As it focuses on capacity development, it can only be disbursed into activities that focus on capacity building.

Assistance with social and community participation “Cost”

We are an ace, registered NDIS disability provider Sydney who offers assistance with NDIS social and community participation activities. We will recommend the best-suited plan based on your budget, which will include all your favorite NDIS social and community participation activities. You don’t have to be concerned about the cost because we will tailor a plan that fits your requirements & budget.

What makes us the best NDIS social and community participation provider

At Caura, our primary concern is your safety and security. Our team of well-rounded professionals encourages you to seize each and every moment of NDIS social activities; they will make sure that no obstacles stand in your way of supported independent living sydney.

Caura is committed to supporting you in successfully achieving your life objectives and getting everything you want out of it. If we can contribute a little from our end, it would be our pleasure.

Please contact us at any time; we would be delighted to assist you.

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