About Us

About us

Caura’s company ethics and values were built on it’s core foundations of care, guidance,educatioon and life.

Caura was established in 2019 and has since grown to be one of the leading providers in disability, and aged care support services in it’s sector.

We currently provide supports to a range of clients with different needs and requirements.

We’re a trusted partner and a registed NDIS provider with the National Disability Insurance Scheme, and a proud sponsor with Service NSW as a Work and Development Order Sponsor.

Caura is both government funded through the NDIS, Department of Communities and Justice and Privately funded.

Our Purpose

Caura understands your abilities and is here to help you understand them too. We know that different individuals need different attention, guidance & education to reach their true potential & continually live a more rewarding life.

Through empathy, guaidance & education Caura strive to empower people for a more rewarding life

Our Values


Our Understanding, Your Honesty


Our Expertise, Your Opportunity


Our Diversity, Your Flexibility


Our Philosophy, Your Journey

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